5 tips to increase work happiness in your organization

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As part of Work Happiness Week, we shared a daily tip to help you increase work happiness within your organization. Because employee happiness is incredibly important and happy people = happy company. In this blog post we sum up the five most important tips.

1) Invest in your employees

A great way to make employees happy is to invest in various training and education programs. The employees feel appreciated and you as an employer immediately make it clear that you want to keep them on board.

2) Random acts of workplace kindness

Random acts of workplace kindness is a great way to make employees happy. It's fun to do as well as contributing to a better company culture. Here are some small things you can do to create happy moments for your employees:

  • Provide the occasional small treat during work
  • Give recognition for a recent accomplishment/contribution
  • Consciously take time to ask someone how they are doing

3) Attractive office design

Employees spend much of their time in the office. This is precisely why attractive office design and layout is incredibly important. Fill your offices not only with desks and meeting rooms, but also with comfortable coffee corners, quiet areas, reading corners, etc. This will increase both the effectiveness and creativity of your employees, but most importantly, their job happiness.

4) Team Buildings

As an employer, you can create work happiness by investing time in social activities such as a team building. Such a team building creates a bond of trust between colleagues, stimulates mutual communication and boosts morale. The result? A close-knit group of happy employees who would go through fire and water for each other and for the company.

5) Celebrate success

As an employer, it is important to celebrate success. Pay attention to what your employees do well and thank them for it. For example, you can have a nice dinner out when a certain goal was achieved or when your employees made a good performance.

Here are 4 more ways to celebrate success:

  • Post a message on the intranet
  • Write a personal mail
  • Organize an after-work drink
  • Leave a post-it

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