What is employer branding and how can it enhance your business?

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 These days, employers almost have to fight over personnel, seeking out and pursuing potential recruits in the hope of filling vacancies. This is just one area in which employer branding can make the difference. After all, when people look for a job, they generally choose the most attractive employer. And that is you – right?

So how do you tackle employer branding? Easy: create an attractive, positive corporate culture. Apply that to your team in a way that is both smart and natural. And be consistent: this is a long-term project.

Initially, this positive vibe will have an effect on the people already working for you. And that is good. After all, businesses with a great corporate culture have employees who are more loyal, creative and productive as well as more engaged with their work. And that kind of commitment inspires people to be ambassadors for their company. These days, when social media can make or break a company, it is actually an invaluable asset.

But remember: creating a good corporate culture is not a one-off activity; it is a long-term mindset. To get results, you will have to apply energy to maintaining that good vibe, every single day.


 How can employer branding help you exceed your expectations? Here are four great tips that really work.

 1. Encourage and promote

Make sure your team stays interested in the work. Assign projects. Make room for training. Promote people. The very best employees are always on the lookout for jobs with growth potential. So put your money where your mouth is, and show potential recruits how your company approaches growth. Illustrate your added value in this area during job interviews by providing one or more examples.

 2. Put a cherry on the cake

 They say the little things can make the difference. And that is true: a little extra from time to time can help employees feel your appreciation for them. Rewards, additional benefits, other perks: don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Why not offer a gym membership, a weekend away for the team – or even ironing services? These are just a few examples of interesting extras that will make your potential recruits think twice.

 3. Use social media

Social media is a free promotional tool for businesses, and can have a major impact on image. So give people a look behind the scenes and show what life is like in your company. Make sure to show off your team. There is no doubt about it: serious applicants will always check out your social media messaging before they come to an interview.

 4. Talk

 It may take some discipline, but it is very important to engage your employees and other stakeholders in regular dialogue. That is the way to keep a finger on the pulse of the business. If necessary, plan weekly sessions for talking to a few employees at a time, and make sure you reach out to people at every level.

Is someone leaving? Too bad. But you can also learn a lot from someone who has decided to move on. Don’t waste a chance to get valuable feedback: plan an exit interview. It will probably be illuminating.