We are quickly and consistently able to identify high-quality candidates abroad. Plenty of people are eager to find work in Belgium, including in sectors that are grappling with personnel shortages. There’s no need to be concerned about communication, either. We can provide translations of everything from security regulations to the reception brochure. On the basis of flexible contracts, we will find the right workers for the right jobs in your business. Our digital systems enable us to access our extensive network to identify them.

In addition, we can take care of all aspects of your personnel administration with our payrolling system. Not only can we register your employees, but we also ensure correct payment of salaries and full compliance with relevant social insurance legislation. Axintor Interim also provides appropriate transportation and accommodation for employees, helping them to find their way in Belgium quickly and easily and travel efficiently to and from work. From a to z, we make employing people easy for you.

What can we help you with? What questions do you have? Reach out by phone or e-mail, or fill in our contact form. We are ready to listen and provide specific advice for your situation. Our lines of communication are short, which means we can identify solutions quickly. Enjoy our full range of services: with Axintor, everything is possible.