Horticultural worker

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As a gardenar you go from project to project. You shave the hedges, maintain the lawn, plant trees, shrubs, etc ... When it gets colder you help with the construction team. 

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You have experience in maintaining a garden or park. You can trim hedges, plant flowers and trees, etc ... Helping with the construction is no problem for you. French or English is no problem for you. You are available quickly
  • Driver License: B
  • Working experience: Less than 2 years


  • Sector: Agriculture and horticulture
  • Job domain: Agriculture and horticulture
  • Function: Horticultural worker
  • Location: Waregem
  • Regime: Day work
  • Duration of employment: Full time
  • Statute: Blue-collar worker
  • Hours each week: 39

Axintor Interim: our advantages

  • Proper payment terms
  • Transportation provided
  • Comfortable accommodation

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Silas Hantson
from team Kortrijk

+32 56 29 29 36