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As a mason you will be responsible for your site in a team of 2. You will have to lay masonry, place foundations and sometimes sewerage. Restoration and renovations are also part of your duties.

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You will work in a company that is specialized in the renovation and restoration of existing homes. So no new construction is being done here. You are expected to have knowledge of masonry, the rest is taught to you. You work an average of 45 hours a week.

Social security:

  • Holiday pay
  • End-of-year bonus
  • Retirement contribution
  • Child benefit
  • Medical insurance
  • Workplace accident insurance
What else can you expect from Axintor Interim?

After finding a good job for you, we will ensure a nice stay in Belgium. Once in Belgium you can count on personal help from our coordinator and job coaches. With the 'MyAxintor app' we inform you during the cooperation about everything you need to know.

  • Correct weekly payment in line with Belgian regulations
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Friendly onboardingĀ 
  • A job coach who speaks your language
  • A coordinator for support with smooth integration


You have experience as a bricklayer and a driving license B. You can express yourself fluently in English. You are customer-oriented and eager to learn.

  • Driver License: B
  • Working experience: Less than 2 years


  • Sector: Building, construction
  • Job domain: Construction
  • Function: Bricklayer
  • Location: Kuurne
  • Regime: Day work
  • Duration of employment: Full time
  • Statute: Blue-collar worker
  • Hours each week: 40

Axintor Interim: our advantages

  • Proper payment terms
  • Transportation provided
  • Comfortable accommodation

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As a CNC operator/programmer you will be responsible for manufacturing quality wooden furniture. You will be responsible for making complete interiors. This includes kitchens, offices, cabinets, tables,...You will primarily be responsible for processing furniture panels. This means that with the CNC machine you will drill holes, mitre corners and make slots in the wood. 

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Crane operator


As a crane operator, you control a hydraulic excavator on tracks for sewage, demolition or road works. The tasks of a crane operator with experience consist of: maneuvering the machine taking into account the terrain (type of soil, height difference, electrical risks, ...) and the traffic on the site; work on a site: road works, work on various networks and general excavation work; control the loading of materials according to the specific characteristics of the machine (distribution, weight, ...); excavate the foundation; level the terrain (verge, ditch, road, ...) according to the demarcation; restore the yard to its natural state after completion of the works and hoist materials.

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HVAC fitter


As an HVAC mechanic you are responsible for installing new air conditioning installations. You assemble, repair and maintain air conditioning and cooling installations. You put the installations into operation on the basis of a technical plan. You also check the operation and leak tightness of the installations. In addition, you identify any problems at an early stage and you take care of the maintenance of the installations.

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