Meat processor

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Our cutting room is looking for someone who, depending on our customer's orders, will hang the hams according to type (fat/lean/parma). You do this after they are put on the turntable, using special hang irons. You can take a beating because these hams weigh between 7 and 15 kg.

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Our client is part of Belgian Pork Group, a network with 7 branches located in Belgium, specialized in high-quality pork. It processes 420,000 tons of pork annually, a significant part of which is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Our client wants to mean more to you than 'being an employer'. They welcome you into a family that wants to grow together and build on our success story. You bring the talent, ambition, perseverance and enthusiasm with you, but thanks to the excellent reception and training you will quickly feel at home in your department. You work in a traffic-free environment and can enjoy a delicious meal in the company restaurant every day at a very affordable price. (Always steak with fries on Thursdays!) Our client offers you a challenging position with a good salary, along with fringe benefits. For each worked day you will receive meal voucher :€4.32 . After 65 days you can have fix contract!

Social security:

  • Holiday pay
  • End-of-year bonus
  • Retirement contribution
  • Child benefit
  • Medical insurance
  • Workplace accident insurance
What else can you expect from Axintor Interim?

After finding a good job for you, we will ensure a nice stay in Belgium. Once in Belgium you can count on personal help from our coordinator and job coaches. With the 'MyAxintor app' we inform you during the cooperation about everything you need to know.

  • Correct weekly payment in line with Belgian regulations
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Friendly onboarding 
  • A job coach who speaks your language
  • A coordinator for support with smooth integration


A smooth person, who takes matters into his own hands and can switch quickly and efficiently if necessary. Someone who likes to work in a team and who takes his colleagues along in his enthusiasm and positivity, because together, together we can do anything! You can express yourself sufficiently in French or English, physical work doesn't scare you and you have no problem working in a colder environment. You can start at 3.25 am and work until the end of work.

  • Driver License: B
  • Working experience: Less than 2 years


  • Sector: Food industry
  • Job domain: Meat industry
  • Function: Meat processor
  • Location: Staden
  • Regime: Two shift system
  • Duration of employment: Full time
  • Statute: Blue-collar worker
  • Hours each week: 38

Axintor Interim: our advantages

  • Proper payment terms
  • Transportation provided
  • Comfortable accommodation

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Aldona Koltys
from team Veurne

+32 58 62 02 00