As a kneader you are responsible for adding the right amount of ingredients into the machine to get the perfect bread dough. You make sure that your machine is set correctly so that the dough is then cut in the right amount. If it is very hot, you can adjust your quantities based on your knowledge and experience.

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You will end up in one of the most famous industrial bakeries in Belgium. In addition to pleasant colleagues and a good working atmosphere, you also receive an attractive salary package. On top of that you can buy a loaf of bread every day for only €1. So it's a fun and enjoyable job.

Social security:

  • Holiday pay
  • End-of-year bonus
  • Retirement contribution
  • Child benefit
  • Medical insurance
  • Workplace accident insurance
What else can you expect from Axintor Interim?

After finding a good job for you, we will ensure a nice stay in Belgium. Once in Belgium you can count on personal help from our coordinator and job coaches. With the 'MyAxintor app' we inform you during the cooperation about everything you need to know.

  • Correct weekly payment in line with Belgian regulations
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Friendly onboarding 
  • A job coach who speaks your language
  • A coordinator for support with smooth integration


You have experience as a baker and do not mind working in shifts. You have a great passion for baking, which makes it a pleasure to work. You follow the recipes closely and you can preferably set up a machine. If you have no real experience with machines, this can certainly be learned.
  • Working experience: Less than 2 years


  • Sector: Other sectors
  • Job domain: Bakery
  • Function: Baker
  • Location: Dilsen-Stokkem
  • Regime: 3 shift system
  • Duration of employment: Full time
  • Statute: Blue-collar worker
  • Hours each week: 38

Axintor Interim: our advantages

  • Proper payment terms
  • Transportation provided
  • Comfortable accommodation

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Silas Hantson
from team Waregem

+32 56 19 06 00