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As a mechanical engineer you build machines in the workshop based on the technical plans. After assembly, these machines are tested. If the test was performed correctly, the machine will be disassembled again. It is then transferred to the customer where the machine must be reassembled. You start as a mechanic in the studio and after a while you can also travel to do these assemblies. These can sometimes take place abroad, where a hotel is arranged for you for this period. This goes from 1 to 2 weeks. Your duties include the following: Helping to assemble BEP machines according to drawing. Mounting and drilling of plating. Assembly of partial assemblies and construction of various machine parts to complete machines on the basis of drawings. Assembly and construction of machine parts: shafts, cams, discs, gears, moving elements, bearings, etc. Drilling and placing of adjusting pins. Disassemble machine into separate groups for shipment. Preparing the groups for shipment - greasing, prepacking, etc.


You will join a dynamic company that specializes in making machines in the automotive industry. You will be trained to be an independent mechanic and you will be given the opportunity to develop further. You also get the chance to see more of the world by doing montages all over Europe. You will receive a very attractive salary package with 12 extra days of leave.

Social security:

  • Holiday pay
  • End-of-year bonus
  • Retirement contribution
  • Child benefit
  • Medical insurance
  • Workplace accident insurance
What else can you expect from Axintor Interim?

After finding a good job for you, we will ensure a nice stay in Belgium. Once in Belgium you can count on personal help from our coordinator and job coaches. With the 'MyAxintor app' we inform you during the cooperation about everything you need to know.

  • Correct weekly payment in line with Belgian regulations
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Friendly onboarding 
  • A job coach who speaks your language
  • A coordinator for support with smooth integration


You have experience in assembly in metal, preferably in machine construction. Working with your hands and reading a technical plan are no problem for you. Sleeping in for a few days or weeks is also no problem for you! Preferably you have a driving license B, but this is not a must. You speak communicative English
  • Driver License: B
  • Working experience: Less than 2 years


  • Sector: Metal industry
  • Job domain: Metal and wood
  • Function: Assembler
  • Location: Brugge
  • Regime: Day work
  • Duration of employment: Full time
  • Statute: Blue-collar worker
  • Hours each week: 39

Axintor Interim: our advantages

  • Proper payment terms
  • Transportation provided
  • Comfortable accommodation

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Kelly Hesters
from team Brugge

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