About Axintor Interim

We are specialists in foreign recruitment, serving employers in West Flanders, Belgium. With your job offer in mind, we look across borders to Romania, Poland, Spain and Portugal to find the best candidates for you. Once in Belgium, the staff we recruit will receive all the support and guidance they need, including accommodation and transportation. In this way, we provide both employees and employers with a total package of services.

Our outstanding service

  • Cooperation without worries, without risks
  • Quick fulfilment of vacancies, even the tricky ones
  • Motivated temp staff with exactly the right skills and work ethic
  • High productivity, low absenteeism
  • Appropriate fees, no cure no pay
  • Complete package of accommodation, contracts, insurance, transportation, reception, support and more
  • Flexible weekly contracts with the option of permanent employment

How we work

We recruit foreign workers for businesses in every sector in West Flanders. We also have expertise in the areas of student work and payrolling.

What can employers expect?

  • Detailed vacancy overview
  • Professional portfolio management
  • Expertise in labour regulations
  • Thorough screening
  • Complete package, including accommodation and transportation
  • Clear communication, translation of sector terminology
  • Follow-up and evaluation
Not having to worry about accommodation and transportation enables your foreign workers to focus fully on their work. During the temping period you can count on quick integration, which makes it easier for your temp workers to move on to permanent contracts. We are also experts in seasonal employment. Thanks to our complete service package, we can rapidly supply temporary staff at peak times.

 What can workers expect?

  • Correct payment in line with Belgian regulations
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Good transportation to and from work
  • Temporary contracts with opportunities for permanent employment
  • Friendly onboarding
  • A job coach who speaks your language
  • A coordinator for support with smooth integration 

With us, you are on the right track to finding a job in Belgium. Based on your skills and experience, our HR consultants will identify the job and the company that are the best fit for you. We will support you through all the phases of your employment and in every area. Once we’ve found a great job for you, we will ensure that you have a pleasant stay in Belgium.

Then and now

In 2009, a lack of candidates with technical qualifications made it difficult for businesses to fill some types of vacancies. Particularly hard-hit sectors faced shortages of educated and motivated personnel. To help them find the workers they needed, in 2009 Liselotte and Klaas created Axintor Interim. In the same period, Belgium opened up its labour market to workers from ‘new’ EU countries. Thanks to intensive cooperation with partners in Poland and Hungary, we could immediately take advantage of this new opportunity.

Now, over ten years later, we have already served more than 10,000 temporary workers, helping them to find employment with a large number of our customers in West Flanders. In response to increasing demand we have expanded our recruitment area to include Romania, Spain and Portugal. We are proud of our success so far and excited to expand our services even further.

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