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1. Definitions  

Website: the website hosted under 
User: any natural person who uses the website, in either an interactive or a non-interactive way. Interactive use: any use of the website which involves you actively entering personal data on the website, whether or not via an electronic form completed by you.
Non-interactive use: any use which cannot be considered interactive use, such as, for example, having a look on the website.  

2.  Content of the website  

The website contains, firstly, a public section, and secondly, a section with private content. The public section contains general information regarding the services and updates of Real Interim and is accessible for anyone wishing to obtain this information. The private section is reserved for holders of a login and password which provide access to the CMS (customer management system).  

The content of this website is informative only.  

Changes or additions may be made to the content of the website (including web links) at any time without prior notification.  

3. Publisher of the website  

The publisher of the website is:
Real Interim
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4. Responsibility with regards to the content  

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6. Limitation of liability  

The information on this website is of a general nature. The information is not adapted to any particular personal circumstances, and hence cannot be considered specific, personal or professional advice to the user.  

Real Interim does its best in order for the information that is made available on the website to be complete, correct and up to date. However, despite these efforts, certain inaccuracies may occur. If, at any point, this is the case, or if certain information is not available on or via the website, Real Interim undertakes to do everything in its power to solve the problem as quickly as possible and eliminate any inaccuracies.  

Real Interim does not provide any guarantees with respect to the proper functioning of the website and can in no way be held responsible for the poor functioning of the website, its temporary unavailability or possible damage resulting from the (non-)interactive use of the website and the information published on it.  

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7. Applicable law and competent courts  

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