FAQ - Employer

Not at all. When we register the vacancy, we take note of the language requirements for successful participation in the company. Our temp workers usually speak English, French or German and have extensive knowledge of sector-specific terms. If challenges do arise due to language difficulties, we are always on hand to interpret and translate.

Our recruitment sectors are food, technical, metal, manufacturing, building and construction, transport and logistics, agriculture, and hospitality and catering.

Of course. We have plenty of experience in the recruitment of skilled seasonal workers.

We focus on recruiting foreign workers, people from Poland, Romania, Spain and Portugal. But naturally, we would never discriminate against any Belgian worker wanting to work with us. We can competently handle salary administration for both foreign and Belgian workers.

No. We do not discriminate. Our selection process is based on the competencies, experience and training requirements that you provide in your job descriptions.

No, we take care of absolutely everything so you don’t have to. We look for accommodation as close to your premises as possible. Transportation depends on the distance from the accommodation to the workplace, and we provide workers with a bike, scooter or car as appropriate.

No, they can continue to work for you for as long as you both like.

We calculate our fee by multiplying the worker’s salary by a coefficient. The coefficient is not fixed, but depends on the scarcity of the profile group and the volume of the commission.

If you are not happy, we will work with you to evaluate the situation and find a solution. If this doesn’t help, we will look for a new candidate. Contracts are weekly and can be terminated without incurring a fee.

After 135 days you are free to offer the temp worker a permanent contract. We are always happy when that happens, because it’s all about the perfect match!

 Absolutely! You can count on us to determine the most efficient way of paying your employees.

We have three offices, in Veurne (Veurne and Oostende region), Roeselare (Brugge, Roeselare and Kortrijk region) and Ieper.