"Foreign workers are cheaper." Fact or fable?

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High labor costs, too few Belgian workers, too much work and vocational schools are running empty. Working without foreign workers has gradually become impossible in Belgium. It is often assumed that it is cheaper to employ a foreign worker. This is not the case and is therefore a pure fable. But why exactly?

Foreign workers are not cheaper

Thanks to the drastically tightened rules for the employment of foreigners, underpayment is completely a thing of the past. And that is a good thing!

When the employer hires a foreign worker or employs him as a temporary worker, he is legally obliged to provide the same wage conditions as for Belgian workers. In addition, it is important - for both a Belgian and foreign worker - that the worker receives a wage according to his or her capabilities.

So why foreign workers?

Why use foreign temporary workers, if it can't be done cheaper anyway? 3 simple reasons!

  • You are fishing in a bigger pond. So your bottleneck vacancy will be filled quickly.
  • They are real professionals. They are motivated and have the right skills.
  • Foreign workers have the right mindset: they are very productive and rarely sick.

At Axintor Interim, we offer our temporary employees the right care and guidance. They get a personal HR consultant and our coordinators are always there to help them where needed. Through our own MyAxintor App, we provide our temps with all the information they need. Finally, we also help with communication and translation of the jargon so that the temps are smoothly integrated into the company.

The result: those who are happy perform better. And so the worker can move on much more quickly to a permanent contract and help ensure continuity.

Have you already thought about attracting foreign workers? With Axintor Interim you go for a total package and a full service. Contact one of our offices and take the first step towards a foreign selection today.