Why we work with foreign selection partners

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For the selection of our temporary employees, we rely not only on our own inflow but also on foreign partners. These are recruitment offices for instance in Poland, Romania, Spain, Slovakia and Latvia. We are sometimes asked why we do this. The short answer: because it provides more and faster inflow. The longer answer we would like to give you in this blog.

Knowing the world of our target group

Our partners are experts on our target group because they are also locals. They know what our potential candidates find important, how they look for jobs, which regions and courses are most interesting... This is a great added value because it enables us to attract the right candidates even faster. Our selection partners are the ideal bridge between us and the world of our candidates. This way, we find a job that really suits them.

Double screening

A second advantage is the fact that candidates are screened twice. In the first round, their capacities, experience, etc. are assessed by our partners. When the candidates are subsequently introduced to us, we screen them again with a view to the specific vacancy. The result: an extra filter that ensures even better quality candidates.

Help in their own language

In addition, our partners speak the candidates' language. Our temps always know quite a bit of English, but it is more pleasant for them to be helped in their own language. Especially when making an important decision such as moving abroad for a new job. Since our start in 2009, we have been convinced of the added value of this and have also included foreign-language staffing consultants in our own team in order to offer maximum service. In addition, these foreign-language consultants work very smoothly with our foreign partners, which ensures greater speed and flexibility.

Accessibility is key

Finally, our partners are very accessible. They have local offices close to our candidates. Although we clearly notice that the application process is increasingly done digitally, it is still important that interested parties can walk into an office to ask all their questions. In addition, they remain the contact point for temps until they arrive in Belgium. After that, our teams take over, but our partners remain involved to support temporary workers where necessary. We are willing to pay the price that goes with it, because that way we can guarantee the best service.

We are convinced of the power of cooperation with foreign partners. We therefore see them as fully-fledged colleagues. Our efforts ensure more and faster inflow and that is exactly what we need to achieve our common goal: a beautiful cooperation between a satisfied temporary employee and a strong company.