Fine workers, great people. We match!

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Fine workers, great people. We match!

Foreign workers are often reduced to the work they do in Belgium. But they are much more than that. They each have their own story, hobbies, talents, dreams and ambitions. We showed that last year with our "Fine workers, great people" campaign. And this year, too, we decided to further highlight this aspect.

We no longer focus on what they do when they are not at work, but let our own Axintor employees tell us who foreign workers really are and why we think they are so great. They are fine workers, but above all great people.

It is therefore with great pride that we present our new campaign: 'Fine workers, great people. We match!'


With this campaign we want to show how we look at our temporary workers. Full of respect for who they are as people, not just as workers.

At Axintor Interim, we always welcome foreign workers with open arms. We do this not only by giving them a good job, providing comfortable housing and taking care of the right transport. But also - and especially - by seeing and appreciating them one by one as human beings.

An Axintor employee explains....

Silas, account manager at Axintor Interim, explains why he thinks our temporary worker Vitor is so fantastic:

"Vitor is an incredibly friendly and charming temporary worker."