3 reasons to go for foreign job students

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3 reasons to go for foreign job students

Vacation periods. For some, a time to take a breather; for others, a challenge to deal with staff shortages. Job students are welcome forces to temporarily relieve the pressure. Have you ever thought about foreign job students? That's a good idea for three different reasons.

1. Larger number of candidates.

The labor shortage is being felt everywhere, including by job students. With more than 77 000 vacancies in West Flanders alone, job students are getting offers galore. By also giving foreign students a chance, the pond in which you fish is bigger. The result: a larger influx that ensures your vacancy is filled more quickly.

2. Up-and-coming work mentality

In addition, job students from abroad have a good work attitude. Job students come to Belgium to spend their summer here. They are always university students over 18 years old, which results in quality and mature profiles. Moreover, a student rarely comes alone. If you are looking for more than one job student, with the same time investment you will immediately have the right number.

3. No festivalitis

Finally, with foreign job students you can count on a strong continuity. The vacation job in Belgium is an experience in itself for them. They will not interrupt their working period for a festival or a weekend away. In addition, years of experience have shown us that there is virtually no absenteeism.

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