Fine workers, great people

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Foreign workers are people like you and me: people with their own story, people with hobbies, people with talent, dreams and ambitions.

This is the base of our new annual campaign for 2022: Fine workers, great people. We want to put our temporary workers in the spotlight. Not only as temporary workers, but also as people. We want to show that they are more than just workers. Because too often, international employees are reduced to the work they come to do in Belgium. As if that is all they do and interested in. But there is so much more: each person has their own characteristics and own value.

We are happy to introduce you...

To get to know a person better, you have to meet them. That is why we like to put some of our temps in the spotlight: with the job they do, but also with what they do when they are not at work.

The theme of our annual campaign is very close to our hearts. We want to show how we view our temporary workers. One of our core values is respect: we respect our temps as people, not just as workers.  

"When you really talk to someone, you discover that each person has a story to tell." Kasia, recruiter and draughtswoman.  

The increase in the demand for foreign workers shows how important they are for our Belgian economy. With Axintor Interim, we must therefore welcome them with open arms. We do this not only by giving them a good job, providing comfortable housing and the right transport. But also - and especially - by seeing and appreciating them individually as human beings.  

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